Ildikó Orosz: Unspoken Speech to Volodymyr Zelenskyy

On August 2, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy briefly visited Berehovo (Beregszász), where he met with representatives of the ethnic Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, including Ildikó Orosz, president of the Hungarian language II Ferenc Rákóczi Transcarpathian Hungarian College. During the brief … Read More

HHRF Responds to New York Times Article on Hungarians in Ukraine

HHRF president Zsolt Szekeres submitted the following, as of yet unpublished letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to the June 16, 2022 article entitled “In Ukraine, a Minority Group Feels Ambivalence About the War”:Article source:

Ukrainian Bill Excludes Hungarian Minority

HHRF ALERT: Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Bill on Indigenous Peoples Excludes Hungarian MinorityILO Convention, Venice Commission Ignored In an inexplicable move, the bill submitted by President Zelensky on Indigenous Peoples in the Ukraine excludes the 150,000 Hungarian community which has inhabited the Subcarpathia region of the country … Read More

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