On January 16, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law regulating secondary education, which also applies to the Hungarian minority. “Ukrainian authorities lack the political will to comprehend that they have taken away crucial minority rights and, for Hungarians in Subcarpathia, the 150-year-old right to education in their mother tongue,” said Ildikó Orosz, President of the Hungarian Teachers’ Association of Subcarpathia (KMPSZ) following a meeting with the Ukrainian Education Minister. The vote was 327 Yeas, 3 Nays, 54 abstentions and 16 no votes, in the 450-member legislature. … Read More

HHRF ALERT: Police Raid Homes of Hungarian Minority Leaders in Ukraine to Intimidate Voters

Following armed raids at the homes of ethnic Hungarian community leaders in Subcarpathia, Ukraine, the president of the Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Subcarpathia (KMKSZ) called on the newly-elected European Parliament president to “demand that Ukraine observe the Law on Elections, in order to give minorities at least a fair chance to have their interests represented at the parliamentary level.”… Read More

HHRF – Our work continues

László Hámos Remembered at New York Memorial Event.

Friends, Colleagues Recall Exemplary Commitment and Intellect of Groundbreaking Hungarian-American Activist
Family, friends and colleagues gathered at New York’s Hungarian House on May 11 to remember the life and legacy of László Hámos, President of the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF), who passed away after a long illness on April 16.… Read More

Standing Up for Hungarian Minorities in 2019

Fate of the Hungarian community in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine hangs in the balance.
Acts of violence, intimidation and unprecedented restriction of education and language rights in the mother tongue dominated 2018. The situation is very tense in the region where the Hungarian minority – now estimated to only number around 120,000 – has lived for centuries.  All of us need to maximize our efforts with heightened vigilance, more initiatives, and your active support, as the situation leading up to the Ukraine national elections in Spring 2019 is likely to escalate. What is behind these alarming developments? … Read More

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