HHRF ALERT: Romanian President Vilifies Hungarian Minority

On April 29, President Klaus Iohannis resorted to incitement against the country’s Hungarian minority – the first serious attack of this nature from a Romanian head of state since the fall of communism three decades ago. In a two-minute video denunciation, Iohannis falsely accused the 1.5 million-strong Hungarian community – and DAHR, a parliamentary party representing it – of conspiring with the opposition Romanian Social Democrat Party (PSD) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a secessionist plot to destroy Romania’s territorial integrity.… Read More

Please consider HHRF on Giving Tuesday Now

Philanthropists around the globe are coming together to support non-profits on #GivingTuesdayNow.
The campaign launches as an emergency response to the unheard-of needs caused by COVID-19. Please consider using this opportunity to supporting our mission.… Read More

Remembering László Hámos, Continuing His Legacy, Keeping Our Promise

Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that we commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of HHRF’s co-founder, László Hámos, our inspirational leader and friend. We’d like to honor his memory by sharing an excerpt of his eloquent remarks given in 1990 at the Hungarian State Theater in Kolozsvár/Cluj describing a goal worth a lifetime. “So that someday, we might finally be at home…” … Read More

Remembering László Hámos, Continuing His Legacy, Keeping Our Promise

Kedves Barátunk,
Nehéz szívvel osztjuk meg szomorúságunkat, amelyet a HHRF társalapítójának, példaképünknek és barátunknak, Hámos László elhunytának egy éves évfordulóján érzünk. Munkásságának ezen pár perces, a zsúfolásig telt Kolozsvári Magyar Színházban, 1990 novemberében mondott beszédrészletével szeretnénk méltó emléket állítani. … Read More

The concept of education for minorities needs to be defined: New State Secretary in Slovakia, Mónika Filip Outlines Priorities for Education in Minority Languages

A delegation from the Hungarian Community Association met with Education Ministry State Secretary, Mónika Filip, on April 1st. Just two weeks into the job, the ethnic Hungarian official’s portfolio includes education in minority languages. Ms. Filip told Felvidek.ma on April 5 that one of her first steps was to make the ministry’s website available in the Hungarian, Ruthenian and Roma languages. Emphasizing the actual implementation of reforms, the State Secretary mentioned shoring up minority teachers, quality and quantity of textbooks in minority languages, and strengthening instruction of Slovak as a second language for minority students.… Read More

Ethnic Hungarian Settlements in Slovakia Lose Hundreds of Millions of Euros in State Tax Revenue Due to Unusual Disbursement Policy

Hundreds of millions of euros worth of state tax revenue has been lost, and promises to be lost, to southern Slovakia, including Hungarian-inhabited settlements, due to the disproportionate funding of local governments, said Péter Őry chairman of the Hungarian Community Party at a news conference on January 28. The disadvantage stems from the distribution mechanism used to return the share of taxes on natural persons to municipalities. … Read More

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