December 2018

UPDATED on February 21, 2020

On February 5, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium, representatives of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) and the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) presented legislation proposals to the European Commission for the Minority SafePack Initiative.

The Minority SafePack Initiative calls upon the EU to adopt a set of legal acts to improve the protection of individuals belonging to national and linguistic minorities and to strengthen the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Union. The initiative was signed by 1,128,385 citizens of the 28 member states of the European Union, which makes it the fifth most successful European Citizens’ initiative.

The signature drive initiated by RMDSZ, which is Romania’s ethnic Hungarian party, and coordinated by the Federal Union of European Nationalities was launched in April 2017.

The Commission has six months to adopt an official position on the initiative and make a decision on the legislative process. A public debate in the European Parliament – open to all interested parties – and a plenary debate in the EP will also take place during this period.

The Minority SafePack Initiative was one of only five EU citizen initiative campaigns to ever succeed thanks to you, and the many, many concerned individuals throughout the world who responded to our calls for action [SEE BELOW]. 1.3 million signatures were gathered by the April 3, 2018 deadline and have now been verified. The strategy is to take the campaign to the next level in Fall 2019, following the EU elections, thereby securing maximum support for the Initiative’s ultimate success and goal to entrench minority protection in the EU. Stay tuned for developments and future calls to action.

You have a singular opportunity to improve the lives of millions living as national minorities in Europe, including the 3 million Hungarians in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Make a historic impact in a few minutes and clicks by Signing the Minority SafePack Petition

The Minority SafePack Initiative seeks to enact comprehensive legislation in the European Union to protect the rights of national minority communities.

This is an officially registered, citizens’ initiative calling upon the EU to adopt a set of legal acts to improve the protection of persons belonging to national and linguistic minorities and strengthen cultural and linguistic diversity in the Union. It shall include policy actions in the areas of regional and minority languages, education and culture, regional policy, participation, equality, audiovisual and other media content, and also regional (state) support.

The petition is being coordinated by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), an NGO, and its many partners, including the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation.

A third of the signatures have been gathered – if you sign and ask others to do so – the Minority SafePack Initiative can succeed!

What to know before signing the petition

■ Citizens of any European Union member country can sign the petition.
■ You may sign the petition in any official EU language.
■ If you have Hungarian citizenship, you may complete the form in English or Magyar.

You may sign even if you are a citizen of the U.S. or another country as long as you have Hungarian citizenship or citizenship in another European Union country.


✓ You need your Hungarian passport or your Hungarian ID number

✓ Remember to print/save the signature identifier after submitting the form

✓ Send HHRF a short email, notifying us that you signed the petition (you can copy/paste the proof of signing if you wish)

✓ Share. There are links to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ straight from the confirmation page. Write your own text, or copy & paste this message:

I signed the Minority Safepack citizens’ initiative. I support rights for national minorities in the European Union. If you are an EU citizen, please sign the petition and spread the word:

What if I am NOT an EU citizen. Did I receive this email in error? NO! Forward our email to everyone you know regardless of where they live. Post a message on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
We need 650,000 signatures by April 3, 2018. You never know which of your friends has EU citizenship; has friends or colleagues who are EU citizens. Don’t risk leaving someone out. The holidays are a perfect time to reach as many people as possible.


What else can I do?

1. Please use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contact all family members, friends, and acquaintances and ask them to sign the online petition.

2. Forward this email, post on social mediashare from HHRF’s Facebook page and group.

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Thank you for your contribution!

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