Transylvanians! June 9: Every vote counts!

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) will have 915 polling stations open abroad for the upcoming European Parliament and local elections on June 9. 
Most polling stations will be in countries with the largest communities of Romanian citizens, namely Italy (150), Spain (147), the United Kingdom (104), Germany (87), France and the Principality of Monaco (67), and the Republic of Moldova (52).
There will also be 45 polling stations available in the US, 24 in Belgium, 17 in Austria, 16 in Ireland, 16 in the Netherlands, 14 in Denmark, and 12 in Canada, MAE said.

Romanian citizens with the right to vote who are domiciled, have residence, or are temporarily abroad can vote at any station open in their country by presenting a Romanian identity document valid on the day of voting.

List of foreign polling stations!

For the June 9 elections, voting begins at 07:00 local time and ends at 22:00. Voters who are at the polling station at 22:00, as well as those queuing outside the polling station to enter the polling station, can exercise their right to vote until 23:59 local time.
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