Remembering László Hámos, Continuing His Legacy, Keeping Our Promise


Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of HHRF’s co-founder, László Hámos, our inspirational leader and friend.
We’d like to honor his memory by sharing an excerpt of his eloquent remarks given in 1990 at the Hungarian State Theater in Kolozsvár/Cluj describing a goal worth a lifetime. “So that someday, we might finally be at home…” 


You may read more about his life and achievements on our homepage and share your thoughts in our memory book. View his life in photos here.

We will forever miss László’s passion to secure human rights for Hungarians everywhere; his skill in connecting with people from all walks of life, from high school interns to presidents of the United States; unfailing dedication to the entire Hungarian Diaspora and his incomparable ability to turn a phrase in two different languages. 

But even as we mourn his loss today, it is with great optimism and pride we can say that his life’s work – HHRF and the ReConnect Hungary Birthright Program – continue to thrive and expand.  We have a number of new programs to introduce and several others in development. 

Our websites, Facebook pages and groups have up to date information on timely news, latest Action Alerts and initiatives, current and upcoming activities. You can follow and get involved in our advocacy for the beleaguered Hungarian minority in Ukraine.

Our ReConnect Transylvania + Scholarship recipient, Sarah Carroll, has recently returned to Florida from Kolozsvár after 6 months teaching and interning. Our next recipient is poised to leave in September, if we can raise the funds. This week, ReConnect Hungary alumni begin an online Hungarian Master Class series.

HHRF is committed to its mission of preserving and promoting Hungarian identity. Though we continue to work every single day, our modest resources are even more strained due to the pandemic. If you are able to contribute during this difficult time, any gift is much appreciated and Congress has enacted easy tax benefits on charitable contributions, large and small.

We’d like to especially acknowledge our unwavering monthly contributors who are a great reservoir of encouragement for our team. Thank you for your support!

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