Hungarian Human Rights Foundation Donates Emergency Medical Unit for Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

July 20

New York, NY – The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF) has collected $32,000 in donations, which will be used to purchase a mobile medical pediatric inpatient unit to provide pediatric medical care in Ukraine. The humanitarian assistance is being carried out in coordination with the Carpathian Foundation of Hungary, and partnering with the Hungarian American Coalition (HAC).

Spearheading this effort are Erzsébet (Lisa) and Marianne Cholnoky, two Hungarian-American sisters in New York with strong roots in Sub-Carpathia/Kárpátalja, Ukraine. After visiting the Ukrainian-Hungarian border in the spring, and assisting in aid distribution, they turned their extraordinary energies to fundraise for this life-saving pediatric medical facility.

The unit is a 20-foot foldable, fully equipped container (CN20) constructed by Continest Technologies, a Hungarian company that develops container solutions for short-term use.

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, former New York State Governor George E. Pataki continues to raise funds for aid and assist HHRF in relief efforts. In addition to the George Pataki Foundation’s donated funds for housing, food, and healthcare, he has also made a generous donation towards the medical unit. Gov. Pataki visited the Hungarian-Ukrainian border in March 2022. Read more about the visit here.


The container will be ready for delivery by August of this year. The cost of the unit and medical furnishings is 39,109 euros, which does not include transportation cost from Hungary to Odessa, Ukraine. The unit will be placed at the Odessa Memorial Hospital, which specifically requested such assistance.


The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation expresses its heartfelt thanks to all our generous donors and requests further donations on our homepage by indicating ‘Aid to Hungarian and Ukrainian refugees.’ You may also mail your check earmarked “Ukraine Refugee Aid” to Hungarian American Coalition, P.O. Box 57135 Washington DC 20037.

The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation distributes 100 percent of all Ukrainian relief earmarked donations via our partner organization and will provide a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt receipt for your records.




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