New Definitive Report on Slovakia’s Current Application of Discriminatory Benes Decrees  

Legal expert Dr. Janos Fiala-Butora’s extensive 80-page report with annexes documenting Slovakia’s ongoing ethnic-based discrimination has been issued by FICE (Freedom and identity in Central Europe). Ever since 2009, Slovak authorities have been applying the discredited WWII-era Benes Decree (Regulation) 104/1945 toconfiscate private property – without … Read More

KMKSZ Statement on the amendment of Ukrainian laws affecting the rights of national minorities (communities) in certain areas in conjunction with Council of Europe Recommendations

DOWNLOAD IN PDF The Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia (KMKSZ) consistently and continuously supports the integration efforts of Ukraine into the European Union. Therefore, it welcomes the numerous legal amendments by the Supreme Council of Ukraine on December 8, … Read More

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