Minority rights are being strengthened within the state administration.

Parliament has approved amendments to the competency jurisdictionallaw, giving new momentum to minority rights within the state administration,” stated Ákos Horony, Commissioner for Minority Affairs, on Facebook.

Starting September, the National Minority Commission will cease to exist, replaced by a more empowered National Minority Government Council. The aim of the new structure is to amplify the voices of minorities and enhance the effectiveness of public policy formulation,” highlighted the post.

Ákos Horony emphasized that the most significant change is the restoration of responsibility for minority rights after many years. The Government Office of the Slovak Republic will coordinate the implementation of tasks related to the status and rights of national minorities. Ákos Horony underscored that his position will symbolically strengthen, as will that of   alongside the Commissioner responsible for Roma communities, since these positions will legally become permanent government positions they will legally become permanent government commissioners.


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