Ukrainian Language Law: New Article Takes Effect on July 16

Starting July 16, significant changes are expected in Ukraine regarding the use of Ukrainian language and printed media. This marks the enforcement of Article 25 of the law, ensuring Ukrainian as the state language, specifically regulating its use in printed media.

Details of the New Regulations

1. Mandatory Use of Ukrainian as the State Language

   Every printed publication must have a Ukrainian language version. If other language editions are published, they must match the Ukrainian version in title, content, length, and printing method, and be released on the same day.

2. Subscription Regulations

   Subscriptions to non-Ukrainian printed media are only allowed if Ukrainian language editions are equally accessible under the same conditions. This ensures equal availability of Ukrainian language publications alongside others.

3. Strengthening Ukrainian Language Use at Sales Points

   At sales points like newsstands, railway stations, supermarkets, and gas stations, at least 50% of printed publications available must be in Ukrainian among all publications at that location.

Important Exceptions

The requirements of the fourth part’s first and second paragraphs do not apply to printed media published exclusively in Crimean Tatar, languages of other indigenous peoples of Ukraine, English, or other EU official languages, regardless of containing Ukrainian text.

These requirements also do not affect scientific publications regulated by Article 22 of the law.

This new phase of the language law will have a significant impact on printed media and the use of Ukrainian language across the country. The aim of the new regulations is to strengthen Ukrainian language usage and ensure its broader application in all areas, including media.

Source: KISZó

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