Hungarian and German-Language Signs Defaced in Sibiu/Szeben County

Unknown perpetrators defaced the Hungarian and German language inscriptions on the town signs in Mediaș /Medgyes, Copșa Mică /Kiskapus, and Târnava /Nagyekemező with red paint. Csaba Orosz, president of the RMDSZ Sibiu/Szeben County organization, confirmed that the vandalism occurred on Wednesday, May 29 and that the competent town services had promptly removed the paint from the signs on Thursday. The incident has caused outrage, since relations between majority and minority communities is historically good in the town.  In fact, tri-lingual signs have been in place, unobtstructed, for the past 20 years even though the percentage of minority inhabitants does not meet the threshold required by law. „We will take steps to ensure that the local Hungarian population is not intimated,” said Orosz. The vandalism is generally being attributed to non-locals aiming to heighten tensions during the current campaign period. Sources: MTI, Krónika,, May 30, 2024

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