Draconian Mobilization in Ukraine

Registration and possession of the military record will be mandatory, and those who hide will have their driver’s license confiscated. The police are exonerated. The Kyiv legislature decided on further tightening with a large majority of 283 votes. The Ukrainian mobilization law, which contains many legal restrictions, was also adopted in the second reading. The parliament of the EU candidate country decided with a large majority – together with the opposition representatives considered pro-Russian – with 283 votes on the legislation that generated great controversy. The law, which is expected to enter into force within a month, received more than four thousand amendment petitions, most of which were rejected. Conscripts between the ages of 18 and 60 will now have sixty days to update their information at military auxiliary commands. Otherwise, they may face penalties and sanctions.

At the same time, a call for the mobilization of women in Ukraine were made. The Ukrainian government needs to get rid of the “old-fashioned mentality” and implement real equality in the armed forces, said Oksana Hryhoryeva, Kyiv’s chief military adviser on gender issues, as quoted by Time. Kiev is currently working to overhaul the military service system, with Ukrainian lawmakers debating increasingly tough proposals to amend the country’s mobilization laws to lower the conscription age and punish draft dodgers. Although the changes to the law were said not to provide for the conscription of women, such proposals have been made in the past. “Our constitution says that every Ukrainian has a duty to defend their country, so it is right for women to serve as well.”

Source: Magyar Nemzet; Magyar Hírlap

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