Slovak Census Update: Government Adopts Favorable Decision on National Minority Figures

In January, HHRF reported on the published data of the Slovak 2021 Census, in which two separate survey questions had been posed as regards ethnic affiliation. Now, the Slovak government has decided to add answers from the second survey question to the total number of answers from the first survey question. Therefore, anyone who answered “Hungarian” as their ethnic affiliation in either the first or second question will now all count towards one large aggregate number.

Krisztián Forró, president of Alliance, the consortium of ethnic Hungarian political parties, had stated in January that it is imperative the government combine the response numbers to both questions on nationality when determining the total numbers for ethnic affiliation.

This current decision will positively impact any future decisions where calculating the ethnic population of a settlement is important, such as the percent threshold needed for the Minority Language Use Act.

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