Important Hungarian Statue Vandalized in Croatia for a Second Time

The statue of the famed Hungarian poet, Sándor Petőfi, erected in Hrastin/Haraszti, Croatia suffered damage early this month for a second time this year. 

This statue serves as a memorial honoring the 1848 Hungarian War of Independence from Austrian rule commemorated on March 15. Since the statue’s unveiling in 2014, the local Hungarian minority community pays its respects there annually. This year in February was the first time vandals struck the statue, destroying the main base. After investigating, local authorities found the culprit to be an ethnic Croatian local who had pushed the statue off and broke the base. No investigation was needed a second time around for the damage done this month, since authorities caught the culprit at the scene, and found them to be the same local from the February incident. Meanwhile, the offender is denying any responsibility.

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