HHRF and Zsolt Szekeres Featured in Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely Radio Show

“Creating connections is one of the keys to success. Behind HHRF is a large network,  which people who turn to us have access to to create meaningful relationships. We are always here to help in any capacity that we can.”  – Zsolt Szekeres

The Târgu Mureş/Marosvásárhely radio show recently interviewed Zsolt Szekeres, President of HHRF, in their ‘Naprakészben’ segment. The audience had the opportunity to learn about HHRF’s history, current Hungarian human rights protection measures, and how we are able to make change happen. Throughout the interview we learn about the work that goes into the protection of ethnic Hungarian communities and rights, from monitoring and reporting to lobbying and engaging international forums. Zsolt also highlighted the many opportunities that HHRF offers to get involved, such as the HHRF Internship program as well as the Reconnect Hungary Birthright Program.

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