Excerpt from FUEN Report on Hungarian Roman Catholic School in Târgu Mureș

The following excerpt is from the Federal Union of European Nationalities report on the case of the Hungarian Roman Catholic School in Târgu Mureș.

In May 2022, the Romanian Supreme Court upheld a decision to dissolve the Hungarian Roman Catholic High School in the city of Târgu Mureș /Marosvásárhely. Romanian extremist organizations had twice brought suit against the reconstituted institution first established in 1702, and nationalized by the communists in 1948. Restituted on paper, in 2004, the church has never been able to take full possession of its property. The local court dissolved the reconstituted institution in 2017 after a legal challenge by the county prefect representing the national government. Hope arose in 2018 when a Hungarian-Romanian bilateral agreement was reached on the school, and an August ministerial decree allowed the school, as well as a Romanian Orthodox Theological Lyceum Timisoara/Temesvár to be established. The recent Supreme Court decision clearly discriminates against Hungarians since there have been no legal challenges to the Romanian-language school. 

Read the full FUEN report here

You can also read more about the failed religious property restitution in Romania here.

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