Mezőkaszony Borough in Ukraine Housing Over 250 Refugees in Educational Institutions

The Coordination Crisis Team of the Association of Subcarpathian Municipalities of Subcarpathia (KHÖT) visited the Mezőkaszony borough to assess the current refugee situation. There are currently more than 1,100 refugees in the settlements belonging to the region, more than 250 of whom are housed in one of the communal institutions.

Many of the refugees are being cared for in educational institutions of the borough, as László Lengyel, head of the Mezőkaszony Education and Culture Department, opens up about the current situation, “From the first days of the war, we have been receiving refugees in the institutions of our small region, mainly in the kindergartens of Mezőzaszony and Zápszonyi, in the building of the school in Beregsom, as well as in Csonkapapi and Rafajna. About 200-280 refugees are cared for in these institutions every day. There is online education in the lower grades, but we are unable to solve the operation of the kindergartens, as most of the refugees are housed in the kindergarten buildings. We hope to be able to transfer them to other institutions as soon as possible so that we can also open kindergartens.”


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