George Pataki Foundation’s Ukraine War Relief Efforts in Partnership with HHRF

In coordination with the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, the George E. Pataki Leadership Center has been fundraising to provide food, housing and healthcare to assist Ukrainian families who struggle to cope with their forced displacement. 

Former New York State Governor Pataki meets Hungarian mayors of border towns in Ukraine.

Former New York Governor George Pataki was in Hungary at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border to personally aid refugees. “We went to the border, and beyond that we went into Ukraine yesterday, we went well up to a couple of cities in Ukraine meeting with refugees, looking at the centers and the hospitals. They’re functioning but they are enormously stressed,” he weighed in on Fox News about the situation.

Former New York State Governor Pataki in Beregsurány, on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

Peter Gyombolai, Deputy State Secretariat for International Affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary, recounted Gov. Pataki’s visit to the border, “They traveled across the ocean to provide serious support, as well as to thoroughly map out where and how they can best and most effectively help those in need here in Hungary and also in Subcarpathia.”

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