Humanitarian Aid Sent to Refugees from Ukraine

JUST IN: Gov. George Pataki Leads Delegation to Aid the Refugee Crisis at Hungarian-Ukrainian Border, writes the New York Post.

Four Charities Receive Aid So Far

HHRF is working closely with several organizations and institutions, to help alleviate the pain of the tragedy of the war in Ukraine. Thank you to all who have donated thus far to the relief efforts. As a result, $20,000 of humanitarian assistance was disbursed this week to four organizations working on the ground at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border: Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, Hungarian Interchurch Aid, local governments in Hungary along the border, and the Carpathian Foundation with an office in Ungvár/Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Read more about their efforts here. A second disbursement from the $35,000 raised so far will be made soon.

Donations Still Needed

As of March 8, 2022 Hungary has received 214,160 refugees according to UNHCR data. This number is predicted to increase significantly in the coming days and weeks in not only Hungary, but also Subcarpathia, as eastern Ukrainians continue to escape the violence. This new wave of refugees will cause a strain on already stretched local resources both in Subcarpathia, and for overwhelmed border towns in Hungary.

“A big problem in Subcarpathia right now is the lack of food, there is a need for more shelf-stable food because the shelves are empty”

Zsolt Szekeres, President of Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF), in an interview on Cleveland’s Bocskai Radio. Read the full transcript here.

Photo source: MTI“Our entire life’s work is there. My husband and mother didn’t come with me, I still have to go back for them after I take my son to safety.” – a refugee woman from Berehove (Beregszász) recounts her experience (mandiner. hu) 

Refugees fleeing Ukraine need our help! Displaced families within  Ukraine need our help! The brave Hungarians of Subcarpathia holding the line in their homeland need our help! If you haven’t done so already, please consider donating now and indicating ‘Aid to Hungarian and Ukrainian refugees’.

As a member of the Hungarian American Coalition, HHRF is partnering with the umbrella organization to maximize and coordinate our relief efforts. You may also mail your check earmarked “Ukraine Refugee Aid” to Hungarian American Coalition, P.O. Box 57135 Washington DC 20037.

George Pataki Foundation Announces Relief Efforts in Partnership with HHRF 

In coordination with the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, the George E. Pataki Leadership Center is fundraising to provide food, housing and healthcare to assist these Ukrainian families who struggle to cope with their forced displacement. 

Former New York State Governor Pataki meets Hungarian mayors of border towns aiding refugees from Ukraine.

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