Commission on National Minorities and Ethnic Groups in Slovakia Holds Inaugural Meeting

On Tuesday, September 21, the Slovak government’s newly-formed Commission of National Minorities and Ethnic Groups held its inaugural meeting. The head of the commission, László Bukovszky and its members, expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s delay in funding the Minority Cultural Fund (Kultminor), specifically in regards to the grants awarded yet to be disbursed. The commission also criticized MP György Gyimesi for submitting an amendment to the Minority Language Act, which was not discussed with members beforehand. 

Additionally, the commission elected Ondrej Pösst, a representative of the German Carpathian Association, as vice president of the commission on behalf of the National Minority Chamber. Klaudia Szekeres, the representative of the Hungarian minority, was assigned to the auditing committee of the Minority Cultural Fund (Kultminor).

Sources: ( September 22, 2021;, September 22, 2021)

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