New Slovak Government Would Soften the Law on Citizenship To Allow Limited Dual Citizenship

On April 19th, Slovak Prime Minister, Igor Matovič included modifying the dual citizenship component of the law as part of his government’s program. Accordingly, Slovak citizens who have been living abroad for extended periods of time could assume the foreign country’s citizenship without losing their Slovak one, as the law currently holds. This does not indicate, however, a return to the pre-2010 legal situation and, therefore, ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia who have dual Hungarian citizenship, would still face obstacles. 

The government program emphasizes that no existing minority rights will be rescinded, and that it aims to create and an environment in which minorities can preserve their languages and identities. Adoption of a Law on Minorities is envisioned, as well as extending the competence of the Law on Minority Languages to allow Hungarian as an official language in the counties of Nagyszombat/Trnava and Nyitra/Nitra. Finally, the government plans to establish an Office for Ethnic Minorities, which would provide legal oversight and, coordinate policy and funding.


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