Hungarian Coalition Party Collects Sufficient Signatures to Petition for the Use of Hungarian National Symbols


Leaders of the Hungarian Coalition Party (MKP) announced of September 19 that they had exceeded the minimum number of signatures required to petition the government on use of Hungarian minority symbols. The initiative was launched April 12, the Day of Remembrance of the Forced Expulsion of Hungarians from Czechoslovakia after WW II.  A law obstructing displays of such dates back to the Fico-Slota-Mečiar government of 2006-2010. 

The Petition states:

“We, citizens of the Slovak Republic, in the light of the Slovak Republic’s international commitments and Constitution, call on the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic to initiate legislative changes on the prohibition of the use of national minority symbols.”According to law, if the number of petitioners exceeds 10,000, the relevant ministry will consult with the initiators of the petition. MKP had collected an additional thousand to allow for any possible “miscounting” on the part of  the authorities.

Meanwhile, a proposed amendment, which would have introduced the concept of minority schools in the Law on Education failed. It had been submitted by governing coalition member MOST-Híd.

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