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Newsweek Opinion - Ukraine is Fighting the Wrong War
Please see today's (June 15, 2021) Newsweek commentary on Ukraine and minorities by Dr. Balazs Tarnok entitled "Ukraine is Fighting the Wrong War." Read more
A terrorizmus vádjával elítélt Beke Istvánék szabadon bocsátásáról döntött a Brassói Bíróság
A terrorizmus vádjával elítélt székelyföldi Beke István és Szőcs Zoltán szabadon bocsátásáról döntött a Brassói Bíróság. 2021.  június 9-én és 10-én ... Read more

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HHRF ALERT: Ukrainian Bill Excludes Hungarian Minority

In an inexplicable move, the bill submitted by President Zelensky on Indigenous Peoples in the Ukraine excludes the 150,000 Hungarian community which has inhabited the Subcarpathia region of the country for over 1,000 years. Meanwhile, the Council of Europe advisory Venice Commission, among others, has consistently called on Ukraine to apply constitutional norms regarding the equal treatment of all indigenous peoples and national minorities.